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Our Team

Cindy Landi

CEO & Co-Founder

Cindy’s background in customer services gives her a strong drive to exceed expectations and provide the best experience possible. She has always had an entrepreneurial spirit and has dreamed of having her own business for some time. She most recently worked with a team that grew a start-up nonprofit from $850k to $1.6M annually and prior to that she worked for 15 years in the hospitality industry.

Dean Landi

President & Co-Founder

Dean’s love of nature and anything fermented makes his decision to open a cidery feel right. He loves the process of taking simple apples and making an all-natural product that brings the community together. Dean moved to Colorado to work with leaders in renewable energy and prior to that was a marine biologist doing shark and ground-fish research. Dean sits on the board of the Colorado Cider Guild. While he is not great at keeping track of his shoes (some of you know...), he is known to grow a killer beard.

Tate Lowrey

Tate Lowery

Consultant - Operations

“Words I live by: ‘It is not the answer that enlightens, But the question.’ ~Eugene Ionesco” An armchair philosopher, trained in Public Health and professionally formed through global development work in South Africa, Niger and Haiti. There are fancier words but Tate mostly ensures everything behind the scenes operates as it should. She also dabbles in communication, professional development, and project management for St. Vrain Cidery. She lives in the Tarn in France with her French husband, tornado of a toddler and cactus named Buckaroo. She loves cider for its bubbly and refreshing effect. The fact that cider is naturally gluten-free is a bonus for Tate’s gluten sensitive system.

Dan DaughertyDan Daugherty, co-founder, is a cider, mead, and craft beer enthusiast in Longmont, Colorado whose growing interest in mead and cider in particular has become something of an obsession over the years.