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We Took Home 7 Medals at GLINTCAP This Year

We are very proud to announce that every cider we submitted this year for the 15th Annual Great Lakes International Cider and Perry Competition (GLINTCAP) won an award! We pour our hearts into making our cider, sourcing the best fresh apple juice (no concentrate in our stuff!) and ingredients. We take our time with the process, showing restraint to allow the subtle flavors to shine. We work hard to create delicious flavor profiles. Winning 7 awards is a great confirmation that we’re doing things right. Thank you judges!

If you don’t know the GLINTCAP competition, think of it like the Oscars for cider makers. This year it received 1,561 entries making it the largest cider competition in the world. Our friends at Cider Culture wrote an article about it and describe it like this:

GLINTCAP judges travel from around the world to look at, swirl, smell and taste the cider entries and award medals to the top ciders. The event is an intense weekend of sensory evaluation, cider social networking and camaraderie among cider peers. It is a cider experience like no other. Rubbing elbows and comparing tasting notes with well-known international cider-industry people is something that will grow your appreciation of cider and help you understand what is going on with the ciders you drink year-round.

Make sure to stop in the taproom to have a glass or fill up a growler of our award-winning cider. We can also be found in liquor stores and drink establishments all over this wonderful state. You can search where to find us near you here.

The Award Results

>>Pink Guava

>>Dry Chokeberry
>>Dry Ginger
>>Blackberry Botanical
>>Key Lime


>>Balaton Cherry