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2021 Holiday Gift Guide

With enough to fret about, we are here to help you show your loved ones you still care. Find below our top cider inspired gift giving ideas, especially if you will not be able to get together with your friends and family this season. We believe you can still enjoy quality moments together, do interesting things, discover new tastes and do it all from a distance. Now, take a breath, open that refreshing cider and let’s get started.


Our Top 6 Cider Gift Ideas

1. Send Cider this Year

Variety is the spice of life; break the beverage routine and send cider. Did you know we can ship our cider to over 40 states? We can’t tell you how many times people have told us they are not cider fans. We insist to just try a sip and much to their surprise, it wasn’t sweet, it was interesting, and importantly, it was delicious! Send cider through our website here and we would wager that wine and beer lover in your life will be pleasantly surprised. Throw in some cocktail recipe cards (#5) and virtual guided tasting (#2) to make the most of the cider.

2. Organize a Virtual Cider Tasting

We put together a guided cider tasting by our Co-Founder and President Dean Landi. He’ll lead you through the tasting process and teach a bit about cider and apples along the way. Click here to walk through exactly what to do to organize a tasting and send cider. You will be provided with a downloadable one page guide as well as tasting notes for your friends and family to share their experience of the cider. We hope you have as much fun doing this as we had made making it. Cheers!

3.  Offer a Cider Holiday Gift Basket

Gift basket to be picked up in the taproom and includes:

SVC Cider 4-Pk Sampler of choice from: Dry Ginger, Dry Chokeberry, Pink Guava, Gingerbread, Balaton Cheery and Blackberry Botanical

2 SVC koozies

Tote bag

4. Give the Gift Cards That Keep on Giving

You may have heard already about how much gift cards are helping out local small businesses. We are no exception. You can send an electronic gift card or order a physical card online (to pick up in the taproom) or come on in to the taproom to purchase it.  Send it snail mail with a cocktail recipe card (#5) to help your people get their daily serving of fruits and veggies, minus the veggies.

5. Offer a Cider Cocktail Kit with Recipe Cards

We’ve been working hard (that is what we call it, work) to create delicious concoctions to spruce any winter evening or holiday get together. You can download the recipe cards individually or all together. We deliver to over 40 states and there are many liquor stores that offer delivery of spirits. If you have a friend or family member that has it all and is always hard to shop for, why not send them a cocktail kit this year? Get some inspiration from watching our mixology videos.

6. Grab ‘n Go Flight of 30+ ciders

In the spirit of discovery and exploration, offer a taste-cation to your (taste) buds with a To Go Cider Flight in cute jars. Cider puns are low hanging fruit. You can create your own flight or use one of ours.