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St. Vrain Partners with CSA Distributing

Big, Bold Ciders From Local St. Vrain Cidery Finds State-Wide Distribution


Longmont, CO –  February 2021- After a year of exponential self-distribution growth for St. Vrain Cidery, they will be partnering with Crooked Stave Artisans Distributing (CSA) to take their cider distribution to the next level. With an already extensive representation across the front range from Fort Collins to Colorado Springs, starting in January 2021, CSA will carry the torch forward bringing full state-wide distribution to the St. Vrain Cidery brand.  


As a small, family-owned cidery out of Longmont, Colorado, St. Vrain Cidery sought a distribution partner who shared the same independent, community-focused values. St. Vrain Cidery makes time for giving back to their community and getting to know their customers. Over the years, St. Vrain Cidery and CSA crossed paths and were mutually excited by the conversations of working together. Ultimately, it was CSA’s understanding of the importance of small-town values through keeping things local and personal that solidified the partnership. CSA believes connecting to the Artisans themselves is as important as the connection to the customers who buy and sell the artisan products. 


 A distribution partner that celebrates quality, connection and Artisans is the right sort of place to help  St. Vrain Cidery grow their business. Dean Landi assents, “We feel we are in good hands with Rob and the CSA team; they get us and what we are trying to do. We know they can help give us the boost we need to achieve total world domination. Just kidding, but we know they are the partner that will do right by our values and set us on track to make St. Vrain Cidery a household name in Colorado.” 


As a small, family-owned and operated, independent distributor, CSA takes pride in their impressive portfolio offering the best Colorado craft beverage has to offer.  “We were excited when St. Vrain Cidery reached out to us about a potential partnership. I had met Dean and Cindy years ago before they started their own cidery, having a blast watching them grow. With their focus on local, attention to quality, we are very happy and humbled to have a high-caliber producer such as St. Vrain Cidery join the CSA family.”




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